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Opening a Bank Account in Andorra

Brief history
The first bank to be set up in the Principality of Andorra was Banc Agrícol i Comercial founded in 1930. Later on, the economic development of Andorra from the 1950s onward favored the setting up of new credit entities in the Principality.
Until 1993 Andorra had a self-regulating banking system which followed the directives issued by the Associació de bancs Andorrans (ABA). Founded on 11 November 1960 , ABA came into being with the mission to self-regulate the banking sector, represent the interests of all its members and at the same time to be a guarantee of good banking practice and the corporate image of the Andorran financial center.
The seven banks operating in Andorra in 1990 signed an agreement to self-regulate the banking sector, to represent the interest by the Conventions of Vienna and Strasbourg for the prevention of money laundering and the recommendations of the Council of Europe of 7 June 1980, the Bâle Declaration of Principles of December 1988 and the 40 recommendations of GAFI. The main points in the agreement were:
  • Application of the criteria of the B â le Committee G-10 with regard to making capital adequate;
  • Having the financial statements of Andorran banks audited by independent auditors on the basis of international accounting standards;
  • Exclusion of money laundering activities;
  • Maintenance of bank secret and a requirement for bank officers to be fair and competent persons.
With the adoption of the Andorran Constitution in 1993 the process of development the legislative framework for the financial sector began.
Other laws have been enacted which form the current legal framework for the Andorran financial system.
With regard to financial investment entities, they also have an association (the Association of financial investment entities ADEFI) which was set up on 5 May 1999.
Financial system
The sector consists of two professional associations:
  • l’Associació de Bancs Andorrans (ABA)
  • l’Associació d’entitats financeres d’inversió (ADEFI)
There are no exchange controls however due diligence of documents and funds is closely monitored. 

You must be in Andorra and in person with your passport to open an account.
Opening a Bank acccount in Andorra as non resident may require personal visit to the Bank or "apostille" of documents required to open an account. 

List of Bank in Andorra

Andorra Banc Agrícol Reig, SA (Andbank)
• Denominació social: Andorra Banc Agrícol Reig, SA 
• Domicili social: C/ Manel Cerqueda Escaler, 6 - Escaldes
• Tipologia: Entitat Bancària
• Número de registre:  EB 01/95
• Link a la pàgina web de cada entitat:
Crèdit Andorrà, SA

• Denominació social: Crèdit Andorrà, SA
• Domicili social: Av. Meritxell, 80 - Andorra la Vella
• Tipologia: Entitat Bancària
• Número de registre: EB 02/95
• Link a la pàgina web de cada entitat:

Mora Banc, SAU
 Denominació social: Mora Banc, SAU
 Domicili social: Plaça Co-prínceps, 2 - Escaldes-Engordany
• Tipologia: Entitat Bancària
 Número de registre: EB 05/95
 Link a la pàgina web:

Mora Banc Grup, SA

• Denominació social: Mora Banc Grup, SA
• Domicili social: Av. Meritxell, 32 – Andorra la Vella
• Tipologia: Entitat Bancària
• Número de registre: EB 06/95
• Link a la pàgina web:

Banca Privada d'Andorra, SA: entitat en procés de resolució.

•  Denominació social: Banca Privada d'Andorra, SA
•  Domicili social: Av. Carlemany, 119 - Escaldes-Engordany
•  Tipologia: Entitat Bancària    entitat en procés de resolució per part de l'AREB
•  Número de registre: EB 04/95
•  Link a la pàgina web:

Andorra Banc Agrícol Reig SA (Andbanc)
o  Denominació social: Andorra Banc Agrícol Reig 
o  Data de creació: 30/12/1930
o  Domicili social: C/Manel Cerqueda Escaler, 6 - Escaldes
o  Forma jurídica: Societat Anònima
o  Número de registre:  EB 01/95
o  Objecte social: La societat té per objecte l'exercici de l'activitat 
      bancària segons està definida per la normativa del sistema financer andorrà.
o  Activa/No activa: activa
o  Link a la pàgina web de cada entitat:
Vall Banc, SAU

•  Denominació social: Vall Banc, SAU
•  Domicili social: Av. Carlemany, 119 - Escaldes-Engordany•  Tipologia: Entitat Bancària
•  Número de registre: EB 09/15

What’s the difference between Bacs, CHAPS and Faster Payments?

Faster Payments are electronic payments that can be made online, over the phone, in branch or through self-service kiosks in fewer than 2 hours - so long as both banks are part of the Faster Payments Service. There’s no charge if you’re a Personal or Premier customer; business customers may be charged depending on their account.
Although most electronic payments sent through Faster Payments will arrive at the recipient bank on the same day, this isn’t guaranteed. For details of the service, visit the Payments Council website.
We automatically send payments through Faster Payments where possible. If the receiving bank doesn’t accept Faster Payments, we’ll send the funds via CHAPs.
Bacs is an electronic system to make payments directly from one bank account to another. They’re mainly used for Direct Debits and direct credits from organisations. The payments take 3 working days to clear, so money paid into your account on Monday will clear on Wednesday. 
CHAPS guarantees same-day payment so long as the instructions are received by 2pm on a working day. There’s no limit to the amount of money you can send, although there is a £25 charge for this service. 

Banking in Brazil for non residents

Opening a Brazilian Bank account for non-residents

The Central Bank of Brazil authorizes the opening of bank accounts in Brazil by individuals and entities who are non-residents.

Brazilian banks are not obliged to offer such service, each bank has its own procedure. You should contact Bank or give them a phone call to find out how to open Bank acount in Brazil as non REsident.

List of all the Banks in Brazil with their website bank Bank code.

654Banco A.J.Renner S.A.-
246Banco ABC Brasil
025Banco Alfa
641Banco Alvorada S.A.-
213Banco Arbi
019Banco Azteca do Brasil S.A.-
029Banco Banerj
000Banco Bankpar
740Banco Barclays
107Banco BBM
031Banco Beg
739Banco BGN
096Banco BM&F de Serviços de Liquidação e Custódia
318Banco BMG
752Banco BNP Paribas Brasil
248Banco Boavista Interatlântico S.A.-
218Banco Bonsucesso
065Banco Bracce
036Banco Bradesco BBI S.A.-
204Banco Bradesco Cartões
394Banco Bradesco Financiamentos
237Banco Bradesco
225Banco Brascan
M15Banco BRJ
208Banco BTG Pactual
044Banco BVA
263Banco Cacique
473Banco Caixa Geral - Brasil S.A.-
412Banco Capital
040Banco Cargill
745Banco Citibank
M08Banco Citicard
241Banco Clássico S.A.-
M19Banco CNH Capital
215Banco Comercial e de Investimento Sudameris
756Banco Cooperativo do Brasil S.A. -
748Banco Cooperativo Sicredi
075Banco CR2
721Banco Credibel
222Banco Credit Agricole Brasil
505Banco Credit Suisse (Brasil)
229Banco Cruzeiro do Sul
266Banco Cédula
003Banco da Amazônia
083-3Banco da China Brasil S.A.-
M21Banco Daimlerchrysler
707Banco Daycoval
300Banco de La Nacion
495Banco de La Provincia de Buenos
494Banco de La Republica Oriental del Uruguay-
M06Banco de Lage Landen Brasil
024Banco de Pernambuco S.A. -
456Banco de Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Brasil
214Banco Dibens
001Banco do Brasil
047Banco do Estado de Sergipe
037Banco do Estado do Pará
039Banco do Estado do Piauí S.A. -
041Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul
004Banco do Nordeste do Brasil
265Banco Fator
M03Banco Fiat
224Banco Fibra
626Banco Ficsa
M18Banco Ford
233Banco GE Capital
734Banco Gerdau
M07Banco GMAC
612Banco Guanabara
M22Banco Honda
063Banco Ibi S.A. Banco Mú
M11Banco IBM
604Banco Industrial do Brasil
320Banco Industrial e Comercial
653Banco Indusval
630Banco Intercap
077-9Banco Intermedium
249Banco Investcred Unibanco S.A.-
M09Banco Itaucred Financiamentos
184Banco Itaú BBA
479Banco ItaúBank
376Banco J. P. Morgan
074Banco J. Safra
217Banco John Deere
076Banco KDB
757Banco KEB do Brasil
600Banco Luso Brasileiro
212Banco Matone
M12Banco Maxinvest
389Banco Mercantil do Brasil
746Banco Modal
M10Banco Moneo
738Banco Morada
066Banco Morgan Stanley
243Banco Máxima
045Banco Opportunity
M17Banco Ourinvest
623Banco Panamericano
611Banco Paulista
613Banco Pecúnia
094-2Banco Petra
643Banco Pine
724Banco Porto Seguro S.A.-
735Banco Pottencial
638Banco Prosper
M24Banco PSA Finance Brasil S.A.-
747Banco Rabobank International Brasil
088-4Banco Randon S.A.-
356Banco Real
633Banco Rendimento
741Banco Ribeirão Preto
M16Banco Rodobens
072Banco Rural Mais
453Banco Rural
422Banco Safra
033Banco Santander (Brasil)
250Banco Schahin
743Banco Semear
749Banco Simples
366Banco Société Générale Brasil
637Banco Sofisa
012Banco Standard de Investimentos
464Banco Sumitomo Mitsui Brasileiro S.A.-
082-5Banco Topázio
M20Banco Toyota do Brasil
M13Banco Tricury
634Banco Triângulo
M14Banco Volkswagen
M23Banco Volvo (Brasil) S.A.-
655Banco Votorantim
610Banco VR
370Banco WestLB do Brasil
021BANESTES S.A. Banco do Estado do Espírito
719Banif-Banco Internacional do Funchal (Brasil)
755Bank of America Merrill Lynch Banco Múltiplo
073BB Banco Popular do Brasil
078BES Investimento do Brasil S.A.-Banco de
069BPN Brasil Banco Múltiplo
070BRB - Banco de Brasília
092-2Brickell S.A. Crédito, financiamento e Investimento-
104Caixa Econômica
081-7Concórdia Banco
097-3Cooperativa Central de Crédito Noroeste Brasileiro Ltda.-
085-xCooperativa Central de Crédito Urbano-CECRED-
099-xCooperativa Central de Economia e Credito Mutuo das Unicreds-
090-2Cooperativa Central de Economia e Crédito Mutuo das Unicreds-
089-2Cooperativa de Crédito Rural da Região de Mogiana-
087-6Cooperativa Unicred Central Santa Catarina-
098-1Credicorol Cooperativa de Crédito Rural-
487Deutsche Bank S.A. - Banco Alemã
751Dresdner Bank Brasil S.A. - Banco Mú
064Goldman Sachs do Brasil Banco Múltiplo
062Hipercard Banco Múltiplo
399HSBC Bank Brasil S.A. - Banco Mú
168HSBC Finance (Brasil) S.A. - Banco Múltiplo-
492ING Bank
652Itaú Unibanco Holding
341Itaú Unibanco
079JBS Banco
488JPMorgan Chase
014Natixis Brasil S.A. Banco Múltiplo-
753NBC Bank Brasil S.A. - Banco Mú
086-8OBOE Crédito Financiamento e Investimento S.A.-
254Paraná Banco
409UNIBANCO - União de Bancos Brasileiros
230Unicard Banco Múltiplo
091-4Unicred Central do Rio Grande do
084Unicred Norte do Paraná-