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Lloyds TSB Offshore Offshore Internet Bank account in Dubai

Lloyds TSB Bank has been in Dubai since 1977. They are a branch of Lloyds based in the UK, and are a part of one of the most successful and largest banking groups the world over. This is a trusted bank with a solid foundation and strength.

Lloyds TSB Middle East is a branch of Lloyds TSB Bank plc, which is a member of Lloyds Banking Group
Lloyds TSB offshore internet banking offers convenient ways to:
- View your statements
- Transfer money to other banks or accounts
- Check your balances and transactions
- Pay bills online
When you register with Lloyds TSB offshore bank, it will be secure and take just a few minutes to complete. You will:
- Complete the online application
- Verify your signature by completing the Lloyds TSB Dubai Application and return it to their branch.
- Download it online.
- Use the form sent to you as part of the application package.
- Visit the bank yourself.
Once the signed documents are received, you will be sent your activated member ID.
Some precautions to take to keep your bank account secure:
- Do not write down or store your internet banking password or important information about your account on your computer.
- Do not give your password or other information on your internet bank account. The bank will never contact you for this information, so anyone who asks for it is up to no good.
- If you think your password has been accessed by someone you need to change the password immediately.
- Use a 6 to 15 character password and change it at regular intervals. Use a mix of letters and numbers that you can memorize without writing them down. Avoid passwords that would be easy for others to guess.
- Do not access your offshore internet bank account on a public computer where others may be able to access your password.
- Do not change your password on a public computer.
- If you must access your account on a public computer, make sure there is nobody watching you type in your information.
- This way you will be able to see any suspicious transactions.
- Make sure the first characters of the web address in your address bar is changed from http to https- the S means secure.
- Look for a small padlock icon, in the locked position, at the bottom right side of your screen. This means a secure site.
- Make sure you always log off of your account when you are finished and close your browser.
If you follow the above guidelines you will cut down the threat of identity theft, and breathe easier about your internet banking accounts. As long as you check your accounts often and remain diligent you should be able to steer clear of internet fraud.