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UK Banks specifically that open non-resident accounts

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4.) 10 Largest UK Retail Banks

Other Banks also welcome non residents customers All about united kingdom banks, iban, sort codes, swift numbers list of banks in England.
Banks that open non-resident accounts include: 
Most Spanish banks will offer you Sterling Savings account, however the rates are not as good as UK. HSBC, Lloyds, RBOS and Barclays all have offices in Spain.

Most UK banks will not allow you to open an account unless you have a UK address. Obviously your first point of call is to phone Barclays.

If you have residencia you are subject to spanish tax system which does not have the equivalent to IR85 and all savings are subject to tax. If you intend to keep quiet about UK generated income, you ought to be aware that there are reciprocal agreements for exchange of financial information.

Most UK banks/building societies have branches offshore that would welcome you to invest in Sterling as an EU resident. Your worldwide interest income is taxable in your country in any case.  HSBC offshore bank accounts and investments are designed for expats. They offer potential tax benefits and a convenient base for your money as you move around the world.

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